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Even as a young child Brittany Weisrock would conjure up stories with her imagination, sharing them with anyone who would listen. She developed her storytelling and writing quite a bit since then, but the thrill of language and creation she first discovered as a child has never gone away. She's always had big dreams of writing and running her own small press--today those dreams are real life.

She's been writing professionally since 2020, having an article published in She. magazine and her debut book, Triad, published with another house.

In 2021, Brittany established her own independent press with the support of her husband and teammate, Bryan.

Lake Country Press & Reviews is now the home to Brittany's debut book, Triad, and its sequel Equinox.

Since opening its doors, Lake Country Press & Reviews has gained momentum, amazing authors, and is releasing five books in 2022.



Writing Journey

Brittany Weisrock is a bookworm blogger turned author.

Working at her family’s business by day and writing at night, Brittany lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Bryan, their amazing daughter, and three rambunctious cats. 

When she's not got her nose in a book or writing her own, you can find her in a bathtub or enjoying a coffee shop. A born reader, Brittany often reads multiple books at once and loves to leave reviews on Goodreads.

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New Adult Paranormal Romance

In a world hidden from ours, Athena Whiteridge was born into a powerful prophecy, along with her brothers, Anders and Atlas. Together, they form the Triad. Set to rule as Alpha of her pack, this wolf has a secret. Athena possesses abilities to manifest fire, capable of shifting into more than a mere wolf

On a mission, Athena is rendered dumbstruck by an unsuspecting human, Kalen Ryan. All her strength and skills can't save her from falling for him. Except wolves--don't take human mates... Without understanding their fated and intense connection, the pair leave club Zephyr and head beyond the Barrier.

Forced to face a council of leaders and her family, Athena must explain how Kalen is beyond the Barrier and in the Unseen. In attempts to fend off their concerns and defend Kalen—Athena uncovers her father, Cyrus’s deceit, and treachery among her people that runs deep. The trouble is only beginning...

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New Adult Paranormal Romance

Athena's journey continues in Equinox

Can fire reclaim a frozen heart? Or will their love be lost forever to the darkness?

Xercarus, the blood demon, is dead.

Her mate, Kalen is lost, leaving Athena Whiteridge and her brothers, Anders and Atlas picking the pieces of her broken heart.

The Triad has never been so fractured

With the stability of the Unseen hanging in the balance, Athena must push on to ensure the Alliance remains intact, but with a missing mate, a pining vampire, and a former flame who’s hell-bent on dominating all humankind, her task grows more complicated by the day.

Turns out, being a leader isn’t as black and white as Athena imagined and no one can hide from the truth—not even a Queen.

When Winter Solstice goes awry and more lies are uncovered, Athena is forced to learn that being an Alpha comes with a price…

Will Athena set aside her pride to reach Kalen in time and save both worlds, or will they all perish?

Image by Ryan Hutton


Kalen Ryan, TRIAD


What readers are saying about Triad. . .

"TRIAD is a sexy, romantic, and suspenseful twist on the tried and true genre! It will build you up and break you down in the span of one book, leaving you begging for the second installment. It's a definite must-read, and I highly recommend it to paranormal fans!"

Mary A.J., author of Vagabond

"The best way I could describe it is, think of them as the Charmed ones...if they were shapeshifters and knew their destiny all their lives. It's that good."

John Ortega, author of Storm's Child

"Triad is an exciting page-turner with family at the heart of it."

Elizabeth Holland, author of The Vintage Bookshop

"I loved so much about Triad – the romance, the strong family bonds, the suspense, the action, the love, the heartbreak, and that amazing and shocking ending! Did I mention the fantastic (and steamy) romance?"

Julie Petitbon, reviewer One More Book 



Brittany Weisrock always has so many books jostling for attention on her 'tbr', she reads multiple books at once. Have a look at some of her favorites!



V.E. Schwab

This is my FAVORITE read from 2021 and I highly recommend it. It absolutely changed my life and gave me a whole new look on time and life.



Kirsten Bohling

A beautiful love story that weaves magic, friends to lovers, soulmates, and the importance of time.

Cain Whitaker and Brighton Evans will stay in my heart forever.



Sarah J. Maas

This book stalks my mind daily. I found this series after writing Triad and Equinox and it warmed my heart to the core to know fantasy is alive and very, very well. 

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